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Practically there’s no better way to upgrade your laptop’s speed than to replace the
hard disk with an SSD

SSDs are fast reliable and they don’t have mechanical parts, which makes solid state drives
more resilient to failures then the magnetic hard drives.

Upgrading to an SSD is pretty straight forward process.


Speed: SSD is much faster than hard drives
Fragmentation: Yes, SSDs do get fragmented but the performance is not affected as much as
with regular hard drives.
Durability: An SSD has no moving parts, so it is more likely to keep your data safe in the
event you drop your laptop.
Noise: The absence of moving parts makes an SSD to have no noise.
Power: Low power consumption it can expands your laptops battery last a bit longer while is
not plugged.


Lifespan: SSD doesn’t last as long as a hard disk.
Price: SSD is more expensive than a hard disk
If the though of having to setup and install the Windows and your programs from scratch is
putting you off, it shouldn’t. There are cloning software for this in the market which will
copy the entire system as is. My most favourite and easy to use cloning software is Acronis.

How to upgrade your laptop

Before you upgrade or even buy anything make sure you check if your laptop can be upgraded. If your
laptop is old then you are lucky most likely you will have easy access to your hard drive
through the removable panel at the bottom of the laptop. If you have a thin laptop such as
an ultrabook then this is a whole different story and you’ll need to check the manual of
your laptop for instruction on how to access the hard drive or you can find plenty of videos
available on YouTube.

Find the right SSD for your laptop. Even though laptops have 2.5 inch hard drives the
interface might differ, IDE or SATA. Most laptops use SATA interface, you can find the specs
in your laptops manual or you can use a website like to scan your
device and check the upgradability.

What you will need

Of course a Solid State Drive 

An external hard drive enclosure

Hard Disk Cloning Software, the one from Acronis is my favorite

Small Phillips screwdriver
You can alternativaly get all you need, except the Phillips screwdriver by buying the
Kingston Upgrade Kit for less than $100 for 240GB SSD or the 480GB upgrade kit for about

Prepare for Cloning

– Make a backup of your system first
– If the size of your data in your current hard disk is larger than the size available in
the new SSD then transfer the folders/files you don’t need to an external storage
– It is an opportunity to do some “house keeping” and uninstall programs you are not using
– Place the SSD in the enclosure or use a USB to SATA adapter to connect it to the laptop
with the USB cable.
– If you decided to use the Acronis True Image software to clone your hard disk then the
process is simpler. Run Acronis True Image and select Clone Disk
– Select Automatic mode to have your old hard disk’s partitions automatically and
proportionally resized to fit the new disk.
– Select your old hard disk as source disk
– Select your new SSD the one that is connected through the USB as destination disk
– Click OK, and then Click Proceed to start the cloning.
– Once the cloning is complete swap the current hard disk in your laptop with the SSD and
enjoy the speef of your super duper almost new laptop.

You will see a massive improvement on your laptop’s speed.

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